Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Near Me

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Near Me
Physical Therapy | 17 Apr 2024

When we get injured we often have a multitude of thoughts that stream through our heads. How bad did I hurt myself? When will I be able to get back into doing what I love again? What is going to help this? Our initial plan of action may involve going straight to a medical doctor. In some cases this is warranted to make sure there is not more of a serious underlying injury such as a fracture or severe tear. 

Whether we see a medical doctor first or not, what we also should be asking is: Is there sports medicine physical therapy near me that can help with what I am going through? Doctors of Physical Therapy that focus on sports medicine are highly qualified and experts in injury prevention and treatment. Having them as the first point of contact during a difficult set-back can make all the difference between successful outcomes or challenges in recovery!

Why Having a Local Sports Medicine Physical Therapist Matters

Faster intervention: Early diagnosis and treatment are crucial for preventing complications and accelerating recovery. Oftentimes there is a waiting period between when the injury occurs and getting in for Physical Therapy treatment because you  may initially take a different approach of wanting x-rays/MRIs  and medicine.  A nearby trusted therapist allows for prompt assessment and initiation of interventions in the crucial window after injury to help educate and guide you through the various stages of injury healing and progression. You may be able to skip the initial steps altogether to save time and money, and an evaluation from a Physical Therapist can reveal whether further work-up is necessary or not. 

Convenience: The likelihood of attending treatments is higher when you do not have to travel far for Physical Therapy especially if you are in acute pain. If you are unable to drive it also makes it easier for a friend or family member to bring you. The reduced stress around logistics can promote better compliance and involvement in the sessions themselves. 

Social interaction and encouragement: Attending Physical Therapy near you can also foster positive social relationships with other individuals in your local community. It allows for a team mentality where everyone supports one another even though they may be there for different concerns. The emotional and mental challenges that athletes face during an injury can be daunting. Having cheerleaders on your side through every step of the way can boost overall morale and attitude for compliance with care. 

Continuity of care:Having a Physical Therapist nearby allows for consistency of care with someone who understands your specific issues every session. This continuity goes hand in hand with quality of care provided and building a trustworthy relationship with the Physical Therapist.

Sport-specific expertise: One of the biggest questions when asking “is there sports medicine physical therapy near me?” is, will the clinician be able to address my specific sport and help me return to it? Many physical therapists who specialize in sports rehabilitation, have a much more in-depth knowledge of the injury and how to safely return back to the activity/sport. Additionally they may have connections with other local training facilities that can be a great collaboration for you to help you get back.

Sports Medicine Physical Therapy Near Me

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A great physical therapist is crucial to recovery but access to them is also vital for quick return to normal life and sport. When you ask yourself, “Is there sports medicine physical therapy near me?” you’re asking the right question! In the demanding world of sports injuries, the key is to prevent an acute problem from developing into a chronic one. At the Training Room we are ready to help you every step of the way.

About the Author

Dr. Sonia Saini

Dr. Saini has 9 years of experience working with a variety of patients from young athletes to film/tv stunt performers. Her specialties are in orthopedics, vestibular/concussion rehabilitation, and post cancer rehab. She also goes on U.S. tours with Broadway shows as the sole physical therapist for performers/crew. Dr. Saini earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from University of California, Davis. She went on to earn her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of California, San Francisco.