Post Surgical Recovery

Post Surgical Recovery

What is Post Surgical Recovery?

Whether you had a joint replacement, tendon repair, or any other major surgery, a post surgical recovery program is necessary for restoring function. Our program concentrates initially with joint movement, strength, flexibility, and patient education.

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Our Competitive Advantage with Post Surgical Recovery

As athletes ourselves, we understand that returning back to our old baseline is simply not good enough. Being away from our sport is not easy. For many of us, our sport is part of who we are not just what we do. At The Training Room, we have diverse experts guiding you every step of the way. Our unique combination of  Physical Therapy, Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition under one roof allows us to take you from the treatment table to enhancing your athletic  performance.

How We Treat Post Surgical Recovery

Being injured can be a difficult time for an athlete. The prospect of missing time away from your passion can provoke fear and anxiety, nevermind the prospect of requiring surgery and the ensuing rehab. During your initial eval, we will take time to learn how you were injured, what you are passionate about, and discuss your goals. We will address any anxiety or fear you have about the rehab process or the return to your current sport. We will design an individual program that is suited to help you meet your specific goals.

For the Beginners

It is important to restore your range of motion in the early phases of rehab following surgery. This not only helps to reduce stiffness, but also improves blood flow and healing.  At The Training Room we understand the importance of helping you return to your sport and surpass your personal best. This is why we work with you one-on-one to develop an individualized program that will not only restore your mobility and strength, but also to improve your movement patterns as they pertain to your specific sport.
Post Surgical Therapy

For the Everyday Athlete

At The Training Room our goal is to keep you as active as possible while respecting your surgical repair. This will look different for everyone based on the surgery location, type of surgery, pain level, and previous level of activity.  

For the Competitive Athlete

At The Training Room, your Doctor of Physical Therapy will discuss your goals and timetable for return to competition. Our team will work with you and your surgeon to develop a comprehensive sports specific rehab program that will help you excel upon return to your field of competition.

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