About The Training Room

About the Training Room

What is the Training Room?

The Training Room provides health and fitness training, nutritional guidance, physical therapy and treatment all under one roof for every type of athlete in South Louisiana.

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The Training Room's Competitive Advantage

We are coaches and physical therapists, but more importantly, we are athletes, too. We understand and value each athlete as an individual. We understand that training, therapy, and coaching are not a one size fits all approach. Using our knowledge and state of the art facility and equipment, we are able to assess and aid each athlete in their unique journey towards their goals.

How We Leverage Our Expertise and Facility in Your Training

Whether you’re coming to us for training or physical therapy, our professional staff, convenient location and state of the art facility has everything you need to move better and explore your full potential.

For the Beginners

New athletes and physical therapy patients alike will work with coaches and doctors to learn how to not only use weights safely, but how to move their body in a way that will keep them enjoying their favorite activities for life.
Post Surgical Therapy
Fitness Injury

For the Everyday Athlete

At The Training Room, our programs and workouts offer a unique opportunity for athletes to work hard, compete, and be inspired to reach their goals. Athletes who have hit a plateau or find their workouts getting stale will find their passion for movement again with constantly varied workouts and a supportive community.

For the Competitive Athlete

Suited for student-athletes with specific goals, this programming is sport- and position-specific and provides semi-private coaching and training. Training programs are written by doctors in physical therapy and sports medicine to improve performance while decreasing risk of injury.

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Many gyms promise you a lot of things. We are not many gyms, and we promise you one thing: results. We have decades of experience and were founded with the belief that everyone should be inspired and motivated to train like an athlete. We’ll give you everything you need to succeed—all you have to do is show up.
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