Fitness Injuries

Fitness Injury

What Are Fitness Injuries?

A fitness injury typically stems from training errors. Training errors can occur in many ways. Commonly, an athlete who takes on too much physical activity too quickly can injure themselves. Going too fast, exercising for too long or simply doing too much of one type of activity can strain your muscles and lead to a fitness injury.  Improper form or technique is another pitfall that can cause a training injury. Our focus on physical therapy and sports performance coaching at The Training Room helps our athletes reach their goals and reduce the propensity for injury.

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Our Competitive Advantage with Fitness Injuries

We know the three most common injuries in the Functional Fitness Athlete are the shoulder, back, and knee. As Doctors of Physical Therapy, Coaches, and fitness athletes ourselves, we know what movements will increase stress to the already injured tissues. On the flip side we are also able to help adjust your workouts to ensure you are able to achieve a great training stimulus without increasing your pain. As coaches and fitness athletes ourselves, we can help you navigate a safe and painless return to your fitness activity. We not only assess the site of your pain, but we look at the body as a whole to identify all possible contributing factors.  We are able to break down your form and suggest subtle changes that can unlock your potential.  We believe complete rest is rarely required when dealing with a training injury. Our team will design a plan specific to you, to keep you actively pursuing your goals while reducing your pain.

For the Beginners

Spikes in training volume play a huge role in training injuries. We often see athletes jump all in when joining group fitness classes. We get it! Training in a group is fun, exciting, and empowering. At one time you  intended to start training 3 times a week, and all of a sudden you are up to 6 sessions a week. This spike has the potential to lead to pain and discomfort in time. The goal is to identify this early and make the necessary changes.  Fitness is a marathon not a sprint, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.
Fitness Injury

For the Everyday Athlete

More than likely this group has experienced an injury in some way shape or form. Something I usually hear is “I feel better when I am at the gym.” This is great, because exercise is what brought on your pain, but we will also teach you how to use exercise to alleviate it. When dealing with fitness(overuse injuries), athletes will state they feel better once they are warmed up. Then a few hours after the gym, the pain comes back and can disturb sleep and decrease motion. We need to break this pain cycle and determine what is causing your pain. We also need to establish proper mechanics and beneficial exercises to allow you to continue achieving your goals without setbacks!
Physical Therapy - Fitness Injuries

For the Competitive Athlete

We use video analysis to break down form and technique. The Training Room’s unique combination of experts in physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and nutrition under one roof allows you to thrive in an instructive, competitive environment. 

By using video analysis we can slow things down and address form and technique with different lifts or exercises. Sometimes pain can be brought on by too much training volume, cumulative reps in a given workout, week, or month. Other times pain isn’t brought on until lifting heavier loads 80% or greater of a 1 rep max. Whether it’s training volume, training load, or both, our experts in physical therapy, strength and conditioning, and nutrition will design a comprehensive individualized plan to help you achieve your goals.

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