Sports Performance

Sports Performance

What is Sports Performance?

The Training Room provides a training system that generates results. We are here to help your child gain that competitive edge on and off the field. Our Performance Coach will work with your child to improve their flexibility, strength, and agility allowing them to run faster and jump higher. All while reducing their risk of injury.

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Sports Performance

Our Competitive Advantage in Our Sports Performance Coaching

At The Training Room, we exist to make a difference in athlete’s lives by inspiring and motivating them to be their best. Our program combines the expertise of Doctors in Physical Therapy with Nutrition Coaching and Athletic Coaching to instill competence in their sport as well as the confidence they need to excel at any level.

How we Approach Sports Performance

Our coaches will design a program tailored to your athlete’s specific sport. Our goal is to maximize performance and minimize injury. We achieve this through developing optimal sports biomechanics and athletic posture. Your athlete will be able to learn proper strength training technique which will help them confidently step foot in any High School weight room. Our program focuses on improving lateral movement, quickness, and explosiveness to help our baseball, softball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, and volleyball athletes excel on their field of competition.

For Grades 3-5

For our youngest athletes, our programming lays the groundwork for athleticism and coordination while also building confidence and self-esteem. Developing fundamental athletic movement skills is vital. This establishes a child’s athletic foundation for improved performance, injury prevention, and long-term enjoyment of sports participation. Training sessions are 60 minutes and emphasize speed, coordination, flexibility and movement skills.
Sports Performance for grades 3-5
Sports Performance for Grades 6-8

For Grades 6-8

Proper movement techniques with increased force production lead to maximized long term potential. As athletes naturally increase in height, weight, strength and competitiveness, the need for improved joint and muscle integrity is vital for reducing the chance of injury. Not only will this program promote improved body awareness and self-esteem, but participants will experience noticeable performance gains due to an increase in functional strength, coordination, balance, and speed/ agility.
Sports Performance for Grades 9-12 and Beyond

For Grades 9-12 and Beyond

During the high school years, athletes focus on repeated application of athleticism to create mastery. Advanced combinations of speed & agility training and specific strength development give athletes an advantage in competition. We also know that to compete successfully, an athlete must be able to sustain a high level of athletic performance in all of these areas for the duration of a game. Each training protocol is written with this in mind and tailored to each athlete.

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What is the cost?

$35 for a Drop-In
$150 for 5 Sessions
$200 for an Unlimited Month

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