Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine
Physical Therapy | 8 Feb 2024
There is so much beyond a spectator’s view that goes into playing sports and being an athlete. Behind the scenes there are years and years of dedication, practice, blood, sweat, and tears all for the goal of being the best at what they do. It is the love of the sport that keeps an athlete going and the need to be better than the last game, match, or event. So, what happens when an injury occurs to prevent this individual from continuing to perform what they have dedicated their lives to? Enter the point where physical therapy and sports medicine meet.

What Role Does Physical Therapy Play in Sports Medicine?

As mentioned in the What is Sports Medicine post ,we introduced the idea that physical therapists (PT) are a part of a multi-faceted team of sports medicine professionals that help individuals get back to their sport/activity. The PT’s job is to perform a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the athlete to understand the nature of the injury, study the sport and work specific movement patterns, balance, strength, and mobility deficits of the athlete as it pertains to their concerns. Based on any structural or functional deficits seen, the physical therapist creates a well-rounded treatment plan to help guide the patient back to their goals. This program can entail a multitude of options including hands-on therapies such as dry needling, myofascial decompression or cup therapy, joint and soft tissue mobilizations, strength and conditioning, and advanced sport/work specific training.
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

What sets The Training Room Apart?

The Training Room NOLA elevates sports medicine by combining the expertise of Physical Therapists and specialized coaches under one roof by providing:

  • Comprehensive Care
    Athletes receive seamless care throughout their injury journey, from initial diagnosis and treatment by the Physical Therapist to rehabilitation and performance optimization by the coaches. This allows for quick and effective communication between professionals without any middleman. What is important to note is the team at the Training Room does not just address the physical side of things but also are cheerleaders and a support system for each athlete to help them through every step of their recovery. The mind is a powerful tool in injury and recovery and helping the mindset of an individual can greatly influence their overall performance.
  • Specialized Skill Sets
    Physical therapists possess in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and therapeutic interventions, while coaches understand the demands of specific sports and can tailor training programs to prevent injuries and enhance performance. This combined expertise ensures athletes receive targeted and effective care every step of the way. At The Training Room each of our Physical Therapists and coaches bring something different to the table with their background and expertise in strength and conditioning, Crossfit, vestibular and concussion injuries, and nutrition coaching to name a few.
  • Shared Knowledge
    Having both sets of professionals readily available allows for open communication and collaboration. Therapists can gain insights into the athlete's sport and training regimen, while coaches and trainers can understand the underlying mechanics of an injury and adjust programs accordingly. This shared knowledge leads to more personalized and effective interventions.

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With both physical therapists and coaching specialists focused on the athlete's well-being, The Training Room NOLA fosters a truly athlete-centric environment. This ensures that every decision and intervention prioritizes the athlete's individual needs and goals, both on and off the playing field.

About the Author

Dr. Sonia Saini

Dr. Saini has 9 years of experience working with a variety of patients from young athletes to film/tv stunt performers. Her specialties are in orthopedics, vestibular/concussion rehabilitation, and post cancer rehab. She also goes on U.S. tours with Broadway shows as the sole physical therapist for performers/crew. Dr. Saini earned her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Physiology from University of California, Davis. She went on to earn her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of California, San Francisco.