Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy or physiotherapy (sometimes abbreviated to PT) is the health care profession primarily concerned with the improvements of pain and limitations and the promotion of mobility,strength, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis and physical intervention. This means if you are experiencing pain or discomfort when you move, we are the doctors for you.

Louisiana is a direct access state which means, you no longer need a doctor’s referral to seek care from a doctor of physical therapy. No more waiting weeks to months to get the care you need. During your first visit, we will diagnose the root cause of your pain, and establish a plan to help you achieve and surpass your goals.


Our Competitive Advantage With Physical Therapy

We are doctors of physical therapy. We are competitive athletes. We are also certified coaches. We are experts in treating musculoskeletal injuries and training your body to perform at its highest level. By having physical therapy and strength and conditioning under the same roof, we are able to fluidly move a patient from the treatment table to the playing field.

As athletes, we share a desire to experience life, as well as sport, stronger and more resilient than the day before. As healthcare professionals, we also understand the necessary steps to achieve physical goals safely and efficiently.

How Physical Therapy Works

Physical therapy starts by learning what is going on with our patient. Pain, lack of flexibility, and limited mobility can be a tangle of multiple conditions and lifestyle choices. To help, we have to first understand. Your first visit will involve a lot of communication between you and your therapist. Physical therapy is hands-on healing. We encourage you to wear comfortable clothes you can move in, because the program starts on your first visit.

At The Training Room, we define each person who walks through our front door as an athlete; An individual who has the goal of physical improvement. We work one-on-one with our athletes; this allows us to get to the root of the problem. We will not only assess the site of your pain, but we will also examine your overall movement to see how everything ties together. This approach allows us to develop a specific plan for each individual athlete. Our plans utilize a hands-on approach, often consisting of manual therapy, strength training, and education to help empower you and help you avoid future injury.

For the Beginner

If you’ve never been to a physical therapy session, you may have a lot of questions. Every day we hear people say, “I didn’t know I could see a physical therapist without a referral from my doctor.” Not only do you not need a referral, but a free initial consultation with us can help you avoid unnecessary waits in a doctor’s office. If you do need a physician’s care, we can help you get on the right path, fast. 

For the Everyday Athlete

The everyday athlete is someone that trains 3-5 days a week.  They train not only to better themselves, but also as a form of self care. As an active person pulled in multiple directions, you know it’s easy to push yourself too far. It can be difficult to differentiate everyday aches and pains from a serious, emerging injury.

Ignoring aches and pains can lead to compensatory movement patterns, altered form, and time away from training. At The Training Room our team of fitness forward health professionals can not only diagnose the cause of your pain, but can implement a plan to keep you active and working towards your goals while alleviating your pain.


For the Competitive Athlete

The competitive athlete is laser-focused on excelling in their respective sport. This can mean setting a PR in an Ironman or competing in a CrossFit Competition. There is never a good time for an injury to occur. An untreated strain or injury can knock the competitive athlete off track for weeks or months. Unfortunately, we see an increase in injuries when an athlete's training ramps up for a competition. This also leaves the athlete anxious and uncertain if they will be able to perform at their highest level on competition day.

Our team of sports physical therapists, coaches, and athletes can objectively evaluate the pain and discomfort experienced when you train. We can then adjust your training regime to give you the best chance of staying on track, competing in your event, and avoiding damaging your body in the process.

Get Started Today

Oftentimes the sole obstacle to achieving greatness is ourselves. Louisiana is a Direct Access State, which means you no longer need an MD referral to seek the care of a Physical Therapist. We are an in network provider with most major insurances. You can call to book an appointment or schedule online. 

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